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I Want to Save Electricity!

I want to save electricity!’ well, we here at Mr Power are here to help you do just that! We are the experts when it comes to supplying households with efficient energy saving products. From LED lighting to shower head timers, we have everything you could ever need to reduce your energy bill. One of the best things that you can do to help conserve energy is by switching from conventional lighting to LED lighting. LED lighting uses a fraction of the amount of electricity that conventional lighting does. We at Mr Power can provide you with new LED downlights and replace downlights that have stopped working- and, as an added bonus, all LED lights purchased from Mr Power have a two year guarantee! We can also offer you the brand new T5 fluorescent tube and adaptor retrofit kit. Here are some of the advantages of this particular energy efficient lighting:

  •         60% electricity saving
  •         More than double normal tube life
  •         No ballast or starter required
  •         Mercury content reduced by 70%
  •         Glass content reduced by 40%
  •         No flicker or strobe effect
  •         SABS approved

Join the Mr Power team today and help us to make the earth a better place. The next time you hear somebody proclaiming ‘I want to save electricity!’ send them straight to us for the very best energy saving products on the market.

Purchase a Useful Geyser Timer

Have you ever gotten a fright when you opened up your electricity bill? Well, did you know that your geyser is the culprit when it comes to those heavy costs? It uses up to 60% of the energy that you are paying for! It may be time to invest in a geyser timer. ‘I want to reduce my electricity bill!’ -well a geyser timer can help you do that because it reduces the amount of power used by your geyser by up to 40%! That is a lot of money being saved! Purchasing a geyser timer from Mr Power’s fantastic range of energy saving products means that you will receive the following benefits:

  •         Immediate savings from the first monthly bill and your return on investment is only months!!
  •         Boost facility - overrides time periods
  •         Can be fitted in distribution board or in cabinets
  •         Suitable for homes, businesses or any geyser installation
  •         Ensures geyser is off during peak periods
  •         8 pre-programmable time periods
  •         Latest micro-processor technology
  •         120 day back-up battery to retain memory
  •         Override to switch geyser completely off while on holiday

Purchasing a geyser timer could be your first step to saving yourself money on your monthly bills as well as helping the earth to conserve energy. Save money on geyser costs easily, and without any effort, with Mr Power’s geyser timer!

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